Ocean Science Consulting Limited (OSC) seeks regularly, short-term and longer term high-calibre employees and contractors. In particular we often require:

  • Marine Mammal Observers (MMO)
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators 
  • Marine Mammal and Seabird Observers (MMSO) 
  • Protected Species Observers (PSO)
  • Marine Fauna Observers (MFO)

Or graduates with knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Underwater acoustics
  • Marine mammal science
  • Marine biology
  • Oceanography
  • Statistical modelling


OSC is currently recruiting for two Senior Marine Consultants, one Business Development/ConsultantDirector of Projects, and one Junior/Graduate Consultant

OSC is also looking for a senior scientist to undertake a systematic literature review as a fixed-term 6-month contract. 

Please see our careers page here to apply.

OSC always welcome being contacted by high-calibre candidates for other positions. Please send a CV and cover letter to

OSC is proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer.


If you are interested in working for OSC as a contractor for offshore projects, please register on our contractor portal here.


OSC takes on interns regularly. Internship positions are voluntary, and open to candidates of all ages (school-leavers to post graduate-level, or those interested in a career change) and disciplines. Internships are office based, and duties vary substantially depending on work required at the time and personal interests.

If you are interested in an internship with OSC, we encourage electronic submission ( with ‘OSC Internship’ in the subject heading, otherwise posted hardcopies are also accepted. Please include your CV and a cover letter describing why you are interested in an internship with OSC.

Thesis supervision

OSC co-supervise academic theses. Additional details of current and past students who have been supervised by OSC can be found here.

Undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates interested in completing their thesis with OSC are invited to submit applications electronically to with ‘OSC Education’ in the subject heading. Please include your CV and a cover letter describing your research interests and why you are interested in having OSC involved in supervision.


For several years, OSC personnel have assisted with teaching University undergraduate field courses to Cambridge, Leeds and Heriot-Watt students in marine biology. Courses on marine life identification and survey techniques have been carried out at various locations such as the Field Studies Council’s Dale Fort facilities in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory in Oban. We currently have academic links with the Universities of Edinburgh and Environmental Research Institute. We have also provided marine biology courses and underwater guides for the recreational SCUBA diver training industry. 

All educational institutions are invited to contact us for further details.

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