Below is a selection of company and personnel testimonials. Full references (>100) can be provided upon request, so please contact us.

Company has found OSC’s deliveries of service and equipment of high standard. OSC was well prepared with the right equipment onboard to adhere to UK requirements, which we have limited experience with.

Both [Marine Mammal Observers and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operators]  are candidates with a solid educational background and have proven that they both meet the highest professional standard

  • They have adapted to our operations in a pro-active and flexible manner so that operations has been undisturbed. This is foremost achieved by them using the acoustic listening device and recording continuously throughout the piling activity. This means that when we had a short stop in piling we avoided downtime due to additional mammal observing period before resuming piling operations
  • MMOs and PAMs have been impressively motivated, given that no mammals have been observed throughout the operations. They have been conscientiously watching at all hours of the day.
  • Both candidates have been willing to share their knowledge and thoroughly explain the background of specifics around their profession and purpose for their assignment
  • We also experienced service beyond what could have been expected i.e. making contact on our behalf to DECC for getting more background on their decisions
  • Additionally, it has been a pleasure to have both observers onboard the vessel, as they are positive and pleasant to be around, and have contributed to a good working environment onboard.

- Statoil, pile driving

Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for your rapid mobilisation for the recent piling works on Oleg Strashnov.

- Scottish Power Renewables, pile driving

I’m very happy to help, you and your team did a great job for us last year when lots of things weren’t so good elsewhere.

- Vattenfall, pile driving

I have had the pleasure to work with [OSC Marine Mammal Observers and Passive Acoustic Monitoring operators] during the piling phase of the ... wind farm project. As the Vattenfall representative we had excellent communication and working relationship. They both showed a good understanding of the guidelines recommended by the JNCC for piling, helping ensure that the project ran smoothly and without problems. They were able to work well with the rest of the crew, which is truly appreciated when working offshore.

I can state with confidence that they are responsible and very motivated persons with a passion for their jobs. I therefore highly recommend them for future work without reservation.

- Vattenfall, pile driving

OSC has done similar work [decommissioning] … in German waters, and are therefore familiar with the German regulations and expectations. Their scientific approach to the job makes sure you'll get all the answers you wish and more!

Because of their experience in German waters and the harsh environment they have made their POD system fool proof. This guarantees they do record data and are able to process it. Also as MMO's they will do everything in their power and beyond to secure you'll get the best data. Once the data is gathered they are able to explain the behaviour of the recorded animals.

But what stands out with [OSC] is their enthusiasm for the job, their systems and the mammals. It's infectious! I really enjoyed working with them.

- Oranje-Nassau Energie, decommissioning

Please find my appraisal for [OSC MMOs] for their work on [seismic vessel].

They have carried out the following duties successfully and diligently throughout their rotation.

  • MMO watches (including pre-watches and soft starts);
  • Advice on guidelines including best practice;
  • Liaising with instrument room with regards to the start of soft starts ensuring no marine mammals were present within the exclusion zone;
  • Daily reporting to myself and the Party Chief; and
  • Attending all morning and safety meetings and pro-actively participating in the vessel safety observation system (SOPs).

- Shell, seismic survey

I have only known [OSC MMO] for the short time she was part of my crew onboard the Geo Pacific. We were conducting a 2-D seismic survey.

During her time onboard [this individual] has fitted in really well with the rest of the crew, has carried out her duties diligently and acted professionally throughout. [This individual] demonstrated her sound knowledge of the JNCC regulations at our toolbox meetings and left clear instructions with the seismic crew as to her requirements.

In summary, I would welcome [this individual] back onboard my vessel at any time in the future and similarly not hesitate to recommend her to others.

- Fugro, seismic survey

It was good to have you and your team on board. I appreciated your professional approach, and thought you all fitted in well with the wider trials team and ship’s staff. I’d be happy to engage your services for future trials.

- International Military Cooperation, SONAR trials

I was very pleased that I called you for this assignment. You have done more than I hoped for and I understand that your business is going well.

- Scandinavian military fixed PAM trials

Ocean Science Consulting have provided marine mammal observation services acting in the role of subcontractor … for a number [7] of years. I have always found their staff to be suitably qualified, in possession of the correct certificates, well informed, capable of managing and carrying out the tasks allocated, and able to collate and summarise appropriately the information they collect. They have been willing to spend time to explain their work to all interested parties. On several occasions they have been proactive in foreseeing potential issues as the project’s eyes and ears, and have flagged these up … as early as possible.

- Shellgas pipeline project

Since 2004, I have worked with Ocean Science Consulting (OSC) in the capacity of Head Drilling Engineer and look forward to working with them again on a project currently scheduled end of this year.

To date, OSC has undertaken seven contracts with Wintershall, and is currently preparing equipment, personnel and logistics for an eighth. Their work has included: 1) provision of Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs), Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operators/Technicians and PAM equipment during seismic exploration, rig moves, and drilling campaigns; 2) acoustic and oceanographic measurements around drilling rigs, including measurement and propagation of both drilling noise and turbidity of drill-cutting plumes; 3) long-term scientific studies of harbour porpoise (and other cetacean) acoustic activities around production platforms and drilling rigs; 4) dedicated line-transect surveys to statistically estimate populations of marine mammals and sea birds following seismic surveys; 5) advice documents on marine mammal mitigation techniques; and, 6) attended noise validation monitoring to ensure that received sound levels do not exceed regulatory thresholds at specified distances.

When it comes to marine mammals and mitigation, they have extensive experience and knowledge and are experts on animals in the North Sea (and in our case, they have worked in the German, Dutch and Danish sectors).

OSC has always provided a quality and quantity of service that exceeds all expectations, as oppose to merely complying with basic contractual requirements. They are extremely diligent and passionate about their work, and in many cases, have contributed their own funding to various projects in order to strengthen results to peer-review standard.

Wintershall has been extremely satisfied with the standard of service that OSC has provided, and I hope to be working with OSC in the long-term. I also wouldn't hesitate to recommend OSC for any work within the aforementioned remits, although as professional scientists, they seem capable of accomplishing almost anything in the marine environment.

- Wintershall, drilling

It is with great enthusiasm I have drawn up and signed this recommendation letter in support of Ocean Science Consulting (OSC).

I have worked with OSC on board the drilling unit … when we drilled the … well. During this project, as per EIA recommendations, two MMOs conducted visual observations for marine mammals pre and during the rig tow until pre-loading, and throughout a VSP survey. Outside the critical periods specified in the EIA recommendations, the MMOs continued to conduct watches at every opportunity. A partial aim of this work was to test the hypothesis that, because of the potential rig-as-reef effect, the acoustic activity of porpoises would be higher at the rig compared with the open sea. Harbour porpoise acoustic activity was thus monitored with T- and C-PODs (autonomous, static, echolocation-click detectors) deployed at three locations. T/C-PODs were also deployed for > 1.5 days at [an additional site], but this was mainly for calibration purposes.

In my capacity as Offshore Installation Manager … I have been in contact with the OSC onboard supervisors on a daily basis concerning the planning, set-up and operation of the required equipment for the aforementioned project. During these meetings and agreements I found the OSC representatives to be honest, creative and imaginative in their way to address the challenges encountered. The presence of OSC onboard the rig and the work they conducted was at no moment hindering or effecting the planned operational duties of the rig crews.

Due to the unfamiliarity of the drill crews I have requested the OSC supervisors to briefly explain the project during our weekly safety meeting. They energetic and passionately presented demonstration awakened the crew's knowledge and interest in marine mammals and the marine environment in general to such an extent that I still get crewmembers to report mammal observations to me up to present date.

I would like to strongly recommend OSC onboard offshore installations at any time marine environment operations are to be conducted, when extensive experience and 100% professional service is required on your planned projects.

- Noble, drilling, VSP & static acoustic monitoring


I have been the onsite Project Survey Representative … for a development … for the past four years. This work involved significant amounts of pipe laying, rockdumping, geotechnical, engineering and associated survey vessel activities. … Due to the sensitivities of the project close inshore (an SAC) and the large amount of acoustic 'noise' generating equipment in use it was important for a cetacean monitoring and reporting process to be in place. The process was designed and implemented by OSC Ltd who also provided offshore representation on a full-time basis covering up to 15 vessels in-field. Up to eight personnel covering the complex array of vessels and activities for the work period were provided for up to 5 months.

The personnel provided by OSC Ltd were found to be very experienced, practical and extremely knowledgeable in their field and, very importantly, were a pleasure to work with. It is often a difficult environment for MMOs to work in due to the occasional personal barriers related to certain offshore operations. It is therefore important for the MMO to be able to communicate effectively and work well with the vessel Marine crew or onboard project personnel. OSC personnel were able to do this with ease. The systems used were well developed and the reporting process seamless.

I would highly recommend OSC Ltd for any MMO monitoring and reporting work, both inshore and offshore.

- Shell, Inshore pipe-laying operations

I would like herewith to thank you for providing us with such an experienced MMO. [The individual] was doing great on the barge and always on the lookout for any marine mammals and answered all our questions and everything went smoothly.

If we will have an requirement again for an MMO, will let you know and hopefully [the individual] can join us again.

- Maritech, cable-laying

Please pass on my thanks to [the MMO] for a job well done and for  keeping the regulators informed of progress.

- Shell, Inshore site survey (multibeam)

[OSC’s MMO] is one of the most experienced MMO's I have worked with from OSC. I have worked with [this individual] on a variety of project vessels both inshore … and offshore…. [This individual] is extremely professional, very knowledgeable regarding the guidelines and, very importantly, a pleasure to work with. It is important for the MMO to be able to communicate effectively and work well with the vessel Marine crew or onboard project personnel. [This individual] is able to do this with ease and gets along with people very well.

I would highly recommend [this individual] for any MMO monitoring and reporting work, both inshore and offshore.

- Shell, Inshore site survey (multibeam)

Recently the New Zealand government reviewed guidance for minimising acoustic disturbance to marine mammals from seismic survey operations, and on the 1st August the new Code of Conduct was launched by the Minister of Conservation and the Minister of Energy. The review process relied heavily on expert stakeholders to develop the most robust yet practical regime possible based on international best practices. Ocean Science Consulting provided invaluable advice, particularly in establishing specifications and standards for PAM equipment and operations that were simply not available in other such guidance or regulations internationally. In addition, their team provided a great deal of useful feedback on general marine mammal observation issues.

OSC's expertise, experience and passionate commitment to improving PAM & MMO standards was clearly evident, and overall, OSC made a significant contributions to the review.

I have no reservations endorsing OSC, and would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.

- New Zealand Government, Advice on MMO & PAM guidelines

Thank you very much for your insight … and for sharing your experience.

- German Federal Environment Agency (UBA)

I seize this opportunity to express that we are very satisfied with your PAM and technician performance on the project.

- URS, PAM technician

[OSC Individual] worked extremely hard under difficult and arduous conditions. [This individual] showed exemplary character throughout the project and collected an excellent set of data. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending [this individual] strongly to you.

- University of Durham, Research Assistant

Please find below my feedback from your DOC MMO and PAM course.

This was a well organised and implemented MMO & PAM training course. The course material gave good insight into what to expect offshore and will be a great resource when out in the field. Trainers were experienced, knowledgeable and went out of their way to ensure we understood all aspects of the course – the one-to-one time was a particular highlight. The hands on practical exercises were fun and really helped when learning how to deploy and operate a PAM system and will be vital in the field.

- David, MMO & PAM Operator

The following statement acts as a testimonial for experience and services received from Ocean Science Consulting (OSC) during my time as an Undergraduate Studying a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology at The University of Hull.

Ocean Science Consulting (OSC) are an exemplary organisation who amongst providing world class marine scientific services take it upon themselves to invest in the development of aspiring professionals.

I myself have profited no end from an OSC development program which has enabled me to not only understand the intricacies of environmental consultancy, marine scientific services and high level scientific literature production, but also the opportunity to actively partake in these activities.

A combination of well-versed, proficient and superfluously dedicated staff coupled with fantastic resources and industry knowhow allows OSC to offer truly world class training applicable to numerous aspects of marine scientific services.

OSC superlative training has allowed me to aspire to a whole new standard of professional expertise and ultimately led me to a long term and stable career within marine scientific services. I would highly recommend OSC to anyone looking for an extremely knowledgeable, exceptionally dedicated, highly applicable and great value marine science service provider.

- Edward, intern

I have been involved in numerous training programmes with Ocean Science Consulting. The most recent training being Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring training for work in New Zealand. The training was very informative and accurate. One thing I enjoyed most about the training was being able to set up, trial and troubleshoot the PAM equipment. This helped me feel confident and prepared for using the equipment when working offshore. The training received from OSC was second to none, the team were very professional, friendly, and provided me with all the relevant information I needed to work offshore.  I would definitely recommend OSC to anyone looking to do a MMO/PAM training course.

- Nicola, MMO & PAM Operator

The staff at OSC are extremely knowledgeable with regards to marine mammal mitigation. Their experience covers a wide range of industrial activities worldwide, and their scientific knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing the experiences they have had offshore makes their training very enjoyable.

The hands-on training I received prepared me very well for working offshore as an MMO and PAM Operator. OSC staff took the time to work with me on an individual basis to ensure I understood what was required. And by practicing my MMO (e.g. range estimation and ID) and PAM (e.g. system set-up and testing) skills with OSC staff numerous times, it became second nature to me, which allowed me to deal with the fast paced nature of industrial work.

- Michael, MMO & PAM Operator

I have learnt a considerable amount about working as an MMO and PAM Operator from OSC – the standards of training I have received have been excellent. The OSC team are extremely knowledgeable and take the time to explain all elements in detail, from theory to practice. Getting hands on experience setting up and deploying PAM systems prior to going out in the field has been a great help, as was the range estimation explanation and practice. Because of the training OSC has provided, I feel confident that I can work successfully in the field as an MMO or PAM Operator. In particular, their in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand Code of Conduct and understanding of what is involved in working as an MMO or PAM Operator in New Zealand prepared me for work in this area.

- João, MMO & PAM Operator


Please be informed that working with Ocean Science Consulting (OSC) during driving the 30” conductor..., and on a previous occasion during a VSP, has been a pleasure.

OSC provided a qualified and experienced Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) and a Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operator (and PAM equipment).

The staff was helpful, cooperative and knowledgeable, and willing to share their knowledge. Which is shown by the book they have written, as in their willingness to answer crew’s questions. Also they were adaptive to the awkward working hours having to rig up upon arrival, and work through the night the day after.

The equipment used performed well and was suitable for the task; The height to overcome and distance to cover was well thought off in advance.

I have no hesitation in recommending OSC, and I welcome them back on my rig later this year for a VSP.

- Wintershall, conductor hammering

Ever since I bought your book this spring I have been meaning to reach out myself to tell you how much I like it: complex issues nicely broken down for non hardcore acousticians and very practical advice (like you are the lowest in the food chain on-board) and I laughed very hard seeing Figure 9.11 showing the different connectors, would have needed that 10 years back when I started in bioacoustics. Thanks for publishing this!

- Jens Koblitz, BioAcoustics Network

An excellent and scientific collection of knowledge and experience based on academic backgrounds and professional cooperation with the oil & gas industry. Congratulations and thanks for sharing to the benefit of the observed creatures.

- Anonymous

Glad to hear the MMO book is selling well.  Thanks for the copy, I am not surprised it is a winner.

- Paul White, ISVR

Great piece of work. Well done.

- Roy Wyatt, Seiche Measurements Ltd

Love your excellent new book.

- Ken Collins, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Congratulations to having published a book long needed.

- Stefan Braeger

From PAM theories to best practices and devices, this is no light coverage, but a technical guide that pulls together data and projects from various disciplines and pairs them with charts, graphs, and scientific discussions key to making decisions about modifications. No marine operator or marine science collection should be without this detailed, in-depth technical reference.

- California Bookwatch

Personally I enjoyed the book, and as a companion volume to some lecture and hands-on practice I would consider it a solid foundation for entering this business.  I especially appreciated the very basic, nuts-and-bolts details on setting up PAM.   I see your book as a great big push toward getting people to confront and attempt to resolve the issues we all know exist.  I feel confident that if you are patient and wait for your book to have its full impact, you will see how your hard work has moved this field forward and can be proud of the role you played in the maturation of MMO/PAM.

- Anonymous indispensable how to guide to the growing and increasingly important occupation of marine mammal monitoring, written with clarity and humour by scientists who have extensive experience in this field.

- Phil Clapham

A great companion book and reference guide for any PAM operator or MMO.

- Peter Chapman

I've read the book by the way. It's literally got everything about the job in there, it's great. That book was alot of work, I can see that. Especially considering how big the reference section was! It's going away with me every time, that's for certain!

- Dan Coles, PAM Operator

I had the chance to acquire your "Marine Mammal Observer & Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook" and I was gladly surprised with the completeness of this handbook and the many replies to questions that I still had. My thanks for the publishing of this book.

- MMO & PAM Operator

I would like to congratulate the OSC team for releasing the Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Handbook. It is an excellent reference book for any MMO/PAM operator.

- MMO & PAM Operator

Thank you very much for your extremely helpful handbook, which I have received from the Amazon in March.

- MMO & PAM Operator

I want to say you that I'm finding the book really helpful, it's a game changer!

- MMO & PAM Operator

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