Do you require secure and convenient storage?

Do you require secure and convenient storage? Dunbar Storage Solutions has opened a branch just off the A1 on Spott Road, Dunbar, East Lothian, EH42 1RR

Do you need quick, stress-free, safe, temporary, or long-term storage for your office/house renovation? Is that precious stuffed armadillo annoying your spouse, and you can’t bear to part from it? Do you need a wo/man shed to have ALLLLLL to yourself? Are you between houses? Or simply, do you have fun toys that can ‘no way José’ be kept outside? We have new, clean, large 6.096* m (20 ft) wood-floored, ventilated, water and wind-tight containers that have multiple rope points. If you have something really big, we might be persuaded to site bigger containers – talk to us. We believe that we’ll be able to deliver the ultimate solution for practically all (we’d perhaps draw the line at marine mammals or portable walrus-tooth polishers**…) your storage needs.

We provide:

  • 24/7 keypad access;
  • Secure and convenient storage;
  • Clean, high-quality containers;
  • Secure outdoor storage space for boats, mobile caravans, camper vans, or any inanimate object too big to fit on your driveway;
  • Competitive prices; and,
  • VAT-registered, so perfect for businesses.

12.192 m (40 ft) containers are available on request (subject to contract). The DSS storage facility is replete with CCTV, lighting, security fencing, and keypad-lock entry (code changed regularly). DUNBAR STORAGE SOLUTIONSoffers a price-promise guarantee, with no price hikes for the first 12 months.

Our contracts are simple and straightforward, and we offer flexible, affordable solutions for temporary and long-term storage. We are also happy to provide you with specialised robust locks for a small deposit, so no need to worry!

For expert advice (we’re not hoarders, honest Guv!), and to obtain a quote please contact:

Tel: 01368 865 722



*Yes, yes, we are scientists, so we needed three digits after the decimal point.

**For the Red Dwarf-fans amongst you

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