February and the start of a busy field season..

After a busy winter in the OSC office, work is really kicking off in the field, I think we have an exciting year ahead of us!

Reports of grey seal sightings are filtering into the office from our field supervisor who has been enduring the winter weather as a Marine Mammal Observer since January, but with staff heading to the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean over the next few weeks, sightings and Passive Acoustic Monitoring detections should start to flood in.

For those of us onshore, life continues as normal in the office. Our consultants and research assistant are working hard on tenders, scientific publications and our book, whilst our field technician is busy transforming the new warehouse. We have recently had a paper on a rare gull sighting accepted to Irish birds and another is in review for publication in Aquaculture Environment Interactions, fingers are crossed!

On a lighter note, we are excited to get out into the community at Dunbar SciFest, which is coming up in March; preparations are well underway for our stall.

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