Life onboard a gas production platform

The weather is deteriorating. Gale force winds – we can barely stand up outside, let alone work. Too severe to undertake CTD profiling  today, but we have a weather window at 06:00 that may permit measurements. We are busy configuring the PODs. The moorings are pretty much ready to go, but technically, it’s always a challenging and exciting project. Ten years worth of experience, plethora historical field notes and reports has made this considerably easier than the trial periods of former years. Everything is going to plan, perfectly.

Below is a photo of Ian sorting through shackles. He’s quite spectacular at this job, and his mooring ideas are like nothing on earth. He’s definitely OSC’s secret weapon for not losing kit to the sea!  Food spectacular (Ian ate six pieces of pizza today – the work is so physically demanding, our food intake has doubled), crew delightful – and that makes all the difference. As usual, Victoria is the only female (but she prefers that anyway :-0).


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