Ocean Science Consulting acquires new premises

Ocean Science Consulting recently acquired new business premises at Spott Road, Dunbar, in the south east of Scotland, beside the North Sea coast. The new premises comprise offices, >600 m2 warehouse facilities, and 2.3 acres of land, at the heart of Dunbar’s thriving industrial estate. The offices are required to accommodate our ever-expanding team of scientists, environmental personnel and field-support staff. The warehouse will fulfil our immediate requirement for additional storage, but there are plans to incorporate research and development (R&D) laboratories, conference auditorium, staff gym and leisure facilities. The arable area, historically known as Learigg Field, will be converted into a nature reserve, with appropriate advice from organisations such as Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (www.rspb.org.uk), Bat Conservation Trust (www.bats.org.uk), and Bumblebee Trust (www.bumblebeeconservation.org.uk). Efforts will be made to create a haven for native flora and fauna, and attempts will be made to exclude cats and mink. The intention is to plant native flowers and trees, erect hedgehog houses, bird and bat boxes, and create a specialised reed pond that can support native species and yet treat waste water from the offices and warehouse. The pond will be left alone to self-colonise with creatures such as amphibians from the surrounding environment; it is hoped that fish species will be brought in naturally via waterfowl; and, it is predicted that the elevated insect levels will attract surface feeding bat species such as the Daubenton’s bat, so watch this space! The official moving date from our current business premises (located beside Belhaven Brewery, Scotland’s oldest independent Brewery) is yet to be announced.

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