Ocean Science Consulting Ltd opens new Asia-Pacific branch in New Zealand

Ocean Science Consulting Ltd is pleased to announce the opening of their new Asia-Pacific regional branch Ocean Science Consulting NZ (Asia Pacific – OSC-NZ). Built around OSC’s core values and benefiting from its extensive experience and expertise, OSC-NZ provides environmental services to marine industries operating in New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. Staff are specialised in a number of areas including policy and regulation, consenting, acoustics and visual and acoustic marine mammal monitoring (MMO & PAM). OSC-NZ also offers a comprehensive training course and competency assessment for experienced MMOs and PAM Operators that has been recognised by the New Zealand Government Department of Conservation (DOC) as being consistent with the standards in the 2013 Code of Conduct for Minimising Acoustic Disturbance to Marine Mammals from Seismic Survey Operations (the Seismic Code).


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