Ongoing beta-testing of PAMguard

Last year Ocean Science Consulting agreed to help the PAMguard team ( with their ongoing development project to improve the functionality of PAMguard for undertaking small cetacean survey work. The PAMguard team have just built a new installer and have asked us all to try it out in field conditions. Our Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators are currently trialling the installer on various seismic vessels operating around the world. This involves OSC providing comments and feedback about the current features of PAMguard, the types of features we would like to see and actual testing the developing software. Junior Consultant (and beta-testing coordinator) Erica Morrin, is in charge of compiling and submitting comments to the PAMguard developers. Generic problems with publicly resealed versions of PAMGUARD are also being tested bug reports submitted. This collaborative effort informs the developers of what’s happening in real field conditions, and how the programme can be improved.

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