OSC’s talk on porpoises and rigs axed from MAST meeting

In an astonishing series of events, OSC was informed that their accepted talk “Offshore rigs as dinner gongs for porpoises” had been axed from the rigs-to-reefs MASTS workshop programme, despite being the only published work on this particular research in the world. The MASTS workshop entitled “To Remove or not to Remove?” – strikingly similar to OSC’s Marine Scientist May 2013 publication entitled “Rigs: to decommission or not to decommission?” (a play on Shakespeare), encompasses OSC’s core-research programme. OSC’s Dr. Victoria Todd said “I am alarmed that SOI’s Business Development Manager has subsequently decided to omit ten minute talk on the topic of whether we should be leaving offshore installations in situ after the end of their operational lifetime. OSC kicked-off the debate on European rigs-to-reefs for cetaceans and have been instrumental in pushing this research since 2004, when we commenced acoustic monitoring of porpoises and dolphins around drilling rigs and production platforms. We are also funding a Ph.D. on the subject at ISVR, and we are the only scientists in Europe working actively on rigs-to-reefs for marine mammals. If anything, OSC should have been invited to co-host the workshop. We have been made to feel most unwelcome“. The workshop will be held at Heriot Watt university on 29 august 2013. Other OSC delegates will attend and contribute to the debate in Dr. Todd’s absence.

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