Publication: Measurements of underwater conductor hammering noise: compliance with the German UBA limit and relevance to the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)

A study by OSC has found the underwater Sound Exposure Level (SEL) produced from drill-rig conductor hammering is within the threshold limit issued by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

The study, which was presented at the Euro Noise conference in Maastricht, June, 2015, and written in collaboration with Southampton Solent University, measured underwater noise created by drilling-rig conductor hammering. The SEL measured at 750 m was less than 160 dB re 1 µPa, the threshold value issued by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), therefore suggesting this threshold is realistic and practical for conductor hammering. Additionally, due to the often-short duration of conductor hammering in comparison to other industry sound sources, such as pile driving for windfarms and seismic surveys, drill-rig conductor hammering is unlikely to have long-term negative impacts on harbour porpoise in the North Sea.

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