Seafloor Heterogeneity: artificial structures and marine ecosystem dynamics

***Calling for articles on interdisciplinary research with a focus on links between marine ecosystem dynamics and anthropogenic structures of various types, from regions across the globe***

Abstract deadline: 30th April 2018

Manuscript deadline: 31st August 2018

The peer-reviewed swiss journal, Frontiers in Marine Science are looking to advance research in the understanding of habitat utilisation by marine populations around sub-sea artificial structures, to assess influence of their presence on biological connectivity and ecosystem dynamics. The end goal is to be able to integrate this knowledge into sustainable management of marine ecosystems and resources.

Frontiers are requesting submission of articles from anywhere in the globe, that link marine ecosystem dynamics with anthropogenic structures. The four editors (Doctors Toyonobu Fuji, Daniel Joseph Pondella, Andrew James Guerin, and Victoria Todd) on this topic are lead academics in their area of research. They have been selected to edit submitted articles and to use findings from these papers to create a better picture on impacts of artificial structures on marine ecosystem dynamics. Understanding these interactions are extremely vital as demands for offshore energy, aquaculture, civil engineering, and fishing increase.

One of OSC’s directors, Dr Victoria Todd, is a lead editor for this paper. Since 2004, she has dedicated years into studying interactions of marine mammals around offshore oil and gas installations, pioneering the concept of rigs-to-reefs within the North Sea. Publications can be found here.

If you have written a paper which is related to the topics stated above, please submit your article to the following:

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