First, and foremostly, OSC staff are industrial scientists; however, all have university degrees and several have PhDs. We have published myriad articles in peer-reviewed journals such as ICES Journal of Marine Science, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, Journal of Zoology, Marine Ecology Progress Series, Frontiers in Marine Science, Ecology & Evolution, etc., as well as a plethora of proceedings papers, and magazine articles. We have taught for the University of Cambridge, Leeds, and Heriot-Watt, and have a longstanding, academic collaboration with the University of Edinburgh’s, School of Mathematics. We have also published a book, which has sold thousands of copies world-wide. 

OSC staff regularly supervise undergraduate, MSc and PhD-level students for dissertations, internships, and specific scientific projects, most of which result in a peer-reviewed publication. 

Working with Academia

On occasion, Universities contract us for projects where their expertise is limited. For example, we were involved in the Crown Estate’s Collaborative Offshore Wind Research into the Environment (COWRIE) report on an assessment for the potential of acoustic deterrents. If you have a collaborative research project that would benefit from involvement of OSC staff, please contact us to discuss.

Supervision of student projects

Motivated undergraduate and graduate students are invited to present projects, for which we provide data for analysis and supervision. Outstanding students and interns are often recruited at the end of their projects, so this can be a good way to find out more about the industry and potentially even get a job, as well as an exciting research project.

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