Data analysis & publication

Since 2004, OSC has performed a vast range of data analysis for various clients and scientific publications, including, but not limited to:

OSC owns a variety of of equipment for collection of data of varying nature (e.g. acoustic, sonar, video, sediment sampling), which are analysed in-house by OSC’s scientists; however, OSC also analyses data provided by clients and/or third parties.

One of the many things that makes OSC unique is that, unlike most marine consultancies, the Company has a very strong publication record. OSC reinvests a large proportion of its profits into Research & Development (R&D) and publishes its findings in high-profile scientific, peer-reviewed journals, with an ever increasing publication rate per year!

In addition to acoustic data analysis, which has long represented OSC’s specialty, ROV research and rigs-to-reefs is also a central aspect of OSC’s scientific interest, with several articles published by OSC’s scientists thus far.

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