Students & interns

  • Yeva Sands ‘Analysis of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) imagery from mature North Sea platform’, University of Manchester, BSc Geography, 3rd year placement Oct 2022-May 2023
  • Danting Zhang, ‘ROV image automation analysis’, University of Edinburgh, MSc Computational Applied Mathematics, Jun-Aug 2022 – co-supervised by Dr Jacob Page
  • Caitlin Harris, ‘Analysis of C-POD data from baseline surveys in a windfarm site’, University of Aberdeen, MSc Marine Conservation, Apr-Aug 2022 – co-supervised by Prof Beth Scott
  • Toyo Vignal & Niamh Graham, ‘Machine learning for analysis of ROV imagery’, University of Edinburgh, MAC-MIGS 10-week project, PhD Maths, Feb-Apr 2022 – co-supervised by Dr Jacob Page
  • Susan Bevans, ‘Potential auditory impacts from piling on cetacean species on the east coast of Scotland, and how mitigation can reduce the effects of impulsive noise’, University of Edinburgh, MSc Marine Systems and Policies, Apr-Aug 2022 – co-supervised by Lea-Anne Henry
  • Debbie Costello, ROV imagery analysis
  • Charlotte Warburton, ‘An assessment of harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) detections in an oil and gas soudscape using T-PODs and C-PODs’, University of Southampton, MSci Marine Biology with Oceanography, Sept 2021-May 2022 – co-supervised by Prof Paul White
  • Sebastian Lee Dixon, ‘Opportunistically assessing demersal fish around North Sea oil platform using ROV structural survey footage’, University of Cumbria, BSc Marine and Freshwater Conservation, Oct 2021 – Apr 2022
  • Sebastian Lee Dixon, ‘11 years of marine mammal observations during offshore operations’, University of Cumbria, BSc Marine and Freshwater Conservation, 3rd year placement Sept 2020 – June 2021
  • Laura Gross University of Montpellier, MSc Sciences de I’Eau, Mar – Aug 2021
  • Kee Wei Lim, ‘Analysis of cetacean echolocation click data and behaviour’, University of Edinburgh, BSc Maths, March 2020 – co-supervised by Dr Maximilian Ruffert
  • Benjamin Ford, ‘Measurements of underwater piling noise during nearshore windfarm construction in the UK: potential impact on marine mammals in compliance with German UBA limit’, Southampton Solent University
  • Edward Lavallin, ‘Quantitative analysis of fish and invertebrate assemblage dynamics in association with a North Sea oil and gas installation complex’, University of Hull, BSc Marine Biology, May 2015

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