Dr Laura Williamson

Dr Laura Williamson

- Head of Projects

I’ve been on the ocean since I was a week old. From sailing around the Channel Islands in California to poking around in tide pools, I have always been fascinated by marine critters. During my BSc, I used photo ID to investigate rates of injury in grey whales from their feeding grounds off Vancouver Island, Canada, to their breeding lagoons in Mexico. I then moved to the UK where I completed an MRes and PhD at the University of Aberdeen. My PhD research focused on modelling the spatial distribution of harbor porpoise around Scotland using data collected by an array of echolocation-click detectors (C-PODs) within the Moray Firth, and aerial video surveys along the entire east coast.

Since joining Ocean Science Consulting Limited (OSC) as a Research Analyst in August 2018, I have worked on a variety of commercial and research projects including modelling porpoise detections, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) imagery surveys, rigs-to-reefs, underwater noise propagation modelling, and even bat ecology. In my current role as Head of Projects, I am responsible for project management, business strategy, tendering and grant writing, quality assurance of reports and publications, as well as staff and student supervision and mentoring.

Dr Laura Williamson
Head of Projects


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