Kiera Long

Kiera Long

- Marine Biologist

From a very young age, the captivating coastal environments and wonders of the ocean sparked my curiosity and implemented a strong desire to explore and protect our seas. I spent countless hours searching the beaches of the Isle of Wight for marine life, fossils, and shells. Exploring rock pools at Freshwater Bay (my absolute favourite place) exposed me to a microcosm of marine life from tiny crabs to colourful anemones swaying in the tide. Witnessing the delicate balance of life in these intertidal zones captivated my imagination and solidified my determination to pursue a career in marine biology.

As I grew older, my curiosity evolved, and I began watching every ocean documentary imaginable. My interests and passions focused on marine mammals (orcas in particular), and I wanted to do anything to protect them. To fuel my passion further, I actively sought opportunities to expand my knowledge and practical skills in marine biology which then led me to Plymouth University where I studied BSc Ocean Science and Marine Conservation and then MRes Marine Biology.

In my role as a Marine Biologist, I can combine my love for the ocean with a profound sense of purpose contributing to the understanding and conservation of the oceans as well as inspiring future generations to protect and cherish these remarkable ecosystems.

In my spare time I can be found at the beach either in or under the sea. I enjoy surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkelling and I am definitely happiest when close to the ocean. 

Kiera Long
Marine Biologist
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