Sophie Cox

Sophie Cox

- Business Development Manager

Holding a lobster on a nature cruise in Maine, USA, as a very bold 10-year-old, I announced I would become a marine biologist and study whales. I went on to study marine biology and ecology at Falmouth Marine School, the only program in the UK offering such to college students, and then proceeded to go to Southampton University for Marine Biology and Oceanography. My summers became filled with internships at Mount Desert Rock Research Station with Allied Whale / College of the Atlantic, USA, where I watched whales, dolphins, and seals and lived in an off-grid coastguard house 25 miles offshore. 

After my time in the USA, I knew I wanted to continue working with marine mammals, so marine mammal risk mitigation became my passion and I joined OSC in 2017. I have worked as an MMO/PAMO on an array of projects, which have taken me to some unique parts of the world. Working in business development and consultancy I get to engage with clients about unique projects, and help them progress their project to completion, whether this is with assisting with MMMPs, licences, EIAs, licence interpretation, reporting, equipment specification, survey design, or research opportunities. I also work closely with our field personnel to ensure they understand project requirements, and troubleshoot when issues may arise, including equipment, and compliance matters. I also Lead OSC’s training wing, which currently includes our MMO, PAM and PSO training programmes. 

When I’m not at work, I spend my time hiking Munros in Scotland, doing CrossFit competitions, and cooking creative recipes.

Sophie Cox
Business Development Manager


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