Victoria & Ian Todd attend Aquatic Noise 2016 conference in Dublin

The fourth international The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life conference (AN2016), held 10–15 July 2016 in Dublin, Ireland, was attended by Dr Victoria Todd and Ian Todd, two of OSC’s directors.

Research on a wide range of topics was presented from academic, industry and regulatory perspectives, leading to interesting exchanges of ideas and discussions. OSC was, of course, interested in the marine-mammal-related research being presented, but was equally fascinated by the presentations and posters covering noise levels around certain activities (e.g. pile-driving, shipping, wire-cutting), impacts of noise on fish, and noise mitigation, all of which intertwine with OSC’s own research focus.

Conferences such as AN2016 which cover many topics around the central theme of impacts of noise are always of interest as they provide valuable new perspectives on ongoing research and enable scientists (from both industry and academia) to follow the latest research in associated fields.

Jason Gedamke (from NOAA) presenting
Jason Gedamke (from NOAA) presenting

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