WARNING: Fraudulent email identity theft

OSC’s Managing Director, Dr. Victoria Todd has had her identity stolen by a cyber thief. If you have received an email from the address: drvictoriatodd@mail.ru or from anybody claiming to be Dr Victoria Todd with a gmail or non OSC email address, with our old office address (Ocean House, Brewery Lane, Dunbar), this is fake. The thief claims that OSC is interested in your company’s products and services, and encourages you to click on a link, confirm an order, or submit your bank details.

OSC’s email addresses end in xx@co.uk or x.xx@oceanscienceconsulting.com. We never use non-OSC email addresses to solicit business. The thief has performed market research to contact companies that could potentially supply products or services related to our business. We have received a number of recent enquiries by phone and email, from genuinely concerned companies affected by this, from destinations as far as the USA and Canada.

The theft has been reported to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (https://www.cityoflondon.police.uk/advice-and-support/fraud-and-economic-crime/nfib/Pages/default.aspx) who have advised you forward the email directly to: NFIBPHishing@cityoflondon.pnn.police.uk



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