Introducing OSC’s Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Survey Wing

OSC is pleased to announce the launch of their Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) survey wing. After years of professional analysis of ROV-collected footage for commercial and scientific purposes, which have led to a number of peer-reviewed publications, OSC is now offering underwater-inspection and post-survey footage-analysis services.

OSC offers extensive expertise in the field of ROV inspections, with highly qualified, in-house personnel, including ROV pilots, technicians, and image analysts with years of experience. The company owns its own Observation Class ROVs, equipped with an adjustable camera, sonar system, and manipulator arm. The ROVs owned and operated by OSC can play both primary and supporting roles, being suited for diver-less operations such as structural-integrity of aquaculture facilities, civil engineering projects, and subsea-pipeline inspections, as well as for diver-supporting activities, including diver monitoring and diver-mounted tooling.

OSC’s highly qualified personnel have years of experience in the field of ROV development, and have been involved in design, production, testing, demoing, as well as providing training for various systems. OSC’s mobilisation costs are low compared to competitors, and the ROV and survey team can be mobilised at short notice.
We are very excited to add ROV surveys to the extensive (and growing!) list of services provided by OSC. Please contact if this service would be of use to you.

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